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Consumers in our area will likely encounter spiders at some point. Unfortunately, spiders are incredibly dangerous because they will sometimes inject venom into the victim. We understand that you’re worried about these pests and the risks involved. Work with us because we can remove spiders from residential and commercial buildings. Spiders can be found anywhere so there is a risk that they’re going to invade your residence. They could enter the home to search for insects to consume. Alternatively, it might be a male spider and he could be looking for a female mate. Both circumstances happen regularly.

Spiders come in all sizes. Some are big enough to kill birds and lizards. Thankfully, you’re not going to encounter these large spiders in our area. Although spiders are dangerous, the risks aren’t as high as most people imagine. Most bites are harmless yet painful. It is essential to deal with the problem correctly and swiftly so you can protect the people in your home. Call us because we’re eager to help.

Spider Dangers

You’re likely worried that the spiders in your home are going to attack and bite someone. Unfortunately, this could happen at any point. You never know where they’re hiding so you may accidentally reach toward a spider. If this happens, you’ll get bit before you know it. Then, you might get injected with venom and that could lead to systemic toxicity and even death. The good news is that the risks are lower than you might believe. While some bites are indeed deadly, most are harmless.

Statistics show that 99% of bites are harmless. Still, it is wise to remove the spiders before someone gets bit.

Why Spiders Invade Residences

Spiders can enter a home for several reasons. In some cases, they’re going to do so because they’re looking for a comfortable place to build a nest. Your home gives them plenty of excellent nesting spots. Male spiders can enter homes when they’re searching for female mates. They’ll also enter homes to look for insects to eat.

Dealing With A Spider Infestation

Don’t delay rectifying the problem. As you continue to wait, the risk that someone is going to get bitten will climb significantly higher. Our qualified exterminators are ready to help. We can eradicate spiders of all species and sizes. Call our office so we can help you deal with the problem right away. You should also focus on making your home less attractive to spiders. Get rid of rocks, wood, leaves, and other debris. Eliminate any spider nests you find. Finally, seal your outer walls so spiders cannot find ways to climb into your home.

We’ll Protect You

We’re always eager to help and protect our clients. We use numerous techniques to keep our clients safe during each phase of the process. Your safety is one of our top priorities. You can count on us to protect everyone in your home by using EPA-registered products. We do not use products that could expose you or your loved ones to serious dangers. Our products are minimally toxic so you can rest comfortably knowing everyone is going to be okay. Call today to learn more about our treatments that rely on EPA-approved products.

Preventing Spider Invasions

Once you’ve eliminated the spiders around your home, it is pertinent to keep them out. You don’t want them to return. One way to keep them out is by properly cleaning your front and back yard. Make sure that your product is not littered with debris. Get rid of woodpiles, rockpiles, and other junk. Destroy the spider webs you find around your home. After you’ve done this, you should properly seal your outer walls. Seal any gaps you find on your outer walls to ensure these pests cannot enter your home.

The Risk Of Brown Recluse Spiders

Although many locals are worried about brown recluse spiders, the risks are minimal. These spiders aren’t common in our area so there is a low chance that you’re going to encounter them. Still, it could happen. More information about these spiders can be found below.

  • Brown recluse spiders usually don’t show up in our area
  • These spiders can travel in boxes and shipping containers
  • They’re hardy so they can survive in many areas including our city
  • Nobody in our area has spotted a brown recluse spider outside
  • Brown recluse spiders are timid so they’re not going to approach humans
  • These spiders do not travel from one residence to another
  • Certain products can effectively eliminate these spiders
  • Call us so we can help

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