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How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

Are you building your knowledge of the bed bug “Cimex lectularius”? The tiny bed bug is well-known among hotel management, landlords, colleges, hospitals, homeless shelters, and pest control companies. While on the small side, the bed bug is determined to survive in the human habitat. In fact, there is not much the insect will not do to survive while sharing a home with humans.

Why does the bed bug rely on humans so much? The bed bug is a parasitic insect that needs a living host, preferably, a human. Without a host, the species would not survive more than 200 days. Finding a human host is as simple as laying low in a hotel room until a new guest arrives. Most hotel guests are not concerned about bed bugs, instead, the reasons that brought them to the hotel. While the unsuspecting guest prepares for bed, an outing, or other activity, the bed bug is waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate a suitcase, overnight bag, backpack, or purse.

Before you know it, the bed bug is on its way to a new home, where it will build a colony. Bed bug colonies can have a dozen or hundreds of members, all of which need the essentials to survive. It may be weeks or months before the host becomes suspicious of subtle signs that point to beds.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide In Homes?

Bed bugs seek refuge in tiny openings, no larger than 7 millimeters in diameter and depth. The insect’s favorite hiding place is the host’s mattress, followed by the box springs, bed linen, stuffed animals, upholstery furniture, bed frames, and carpet.

Knowing where bed bugs hide in the human habitat will play an important role in the pest control process. In fact, it will put you one step ahead in the process.

How Exterminators Inspect For Bed bugs?

The first step of a professional bed bug inspection is to determine which areas of the home are infiltrated. To make this determination, the exterminator must inspect every room of the home. If bed bug bites were detected on your body, the inspector will initiate the inspection in your bedroom.

As mentioned previously, the bed bug is drawn to mattresses. The exterminator will carefully inspect the mattress, paying close attention to the seams, stitching, fabric, and padding.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

Inspections are a crucial element of pest management. We highly suggest knowing the signs of bed bug infiltration because everyone is at risk of an encounter at some point.

  • Dried blood
  • Exoskeletons
  • A sweet, musty odor
  • Live adults, larvae, and eggs
  • Tiny fecal droppings

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