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Bed Bugs

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Today, bedbugs can be found across the United States. Even if you don’t see them, there is a risk that these pests are living in your home. You’ll need to search your home extensively to find these ectoparasites. Start by searching your mattress and box spring since 90% of the bugs in an infestation will hide here. They’re only 3/16 of an inch so you’ll need to look closely.

What Causes Bedbug Invasions?

Bedbugs want to invade your residence because they’re eager to suck your blood. When they sneak into a home, they’ll have constant access to human blood until you get rid of them. Unfortunately, bedbugs are incredibly clever. Therefore, they can use numerous techniques to infiltrate your dwelling. First and foremost, most infestation occurs because someone unknowingly spent the night at a bedbug-infested motel. The bugs climbed into their luggage and the tourist wound up taking the pests home with them. Unfortunately, it could happen to you. Bedbugs also invade homes after hiding on used furniture and clothes.

Be careful when purchased used clothes, chairs, and couches. Otherwise, you might carry these bugs into your dwelling. Bedbugs can sometimes crawl from one apartment to another, but it doesn’t happen often.

What Dangers Do They Pose?

Bedbugs are going to bite so they can suck your blood. Nevertheless, the risks aren’t as high as many people believe. Despite the fact that they bite, they’re not physically dangerous to humans or pets. However, they can prevent you from sleeping comfortably and a lack of sleep could make you ill.

Dealing With Infestations Of Bedbugs

You need to find a way to deal with the bedbugs in your home promptly. Don’t waste time because doing so will only let the problem worsen. We’re here to help. We offer full-scale bedbug services and a handful of treatment services. You can count on us. More about our bedbug services can be found below.


First, we offer manual bedbug services. The method is great for removing bedbugs from a confined area. It would work well for removing bedbugs from your bedroom or living room. When we manually remove bedbugs from your dwelling, we do not need to use chemicals. Instead, the treatment is safe, swift, and effective.


Our heat treatments are highly recommended. The method is great for wiping out all bedbugs in the home. The method kills bedbugs, babies, and eggs. The technique relies on increasing the temperature in the home. Therefore, it can reach the entire home at once. Our heat treatments do not require any chemicals. Diatomaceous Earth may be added to the mix, but it won’t harm you or the ones you love.


Our technicians can also eliminate the bugs in your home using fumigation. When using this method, our technician will spray Vikane or Sulfuryl Fluoride in the building to eliminate bedbugs. Although it can sometimes be used for residential structures, we recommend it for large, commercial buildings. Everyone will need to remain outside of the home for 24 to 48 hours.

DIY Methods For Bedbug Invaders

We understand that you’ll consider fixing the problem using do-it-yourself methods. Although you could try, we recommend otherwise. DIY methods are often inefficient. Some could be dangerous. It isn’t worth it. Instead, you should use a reliable service that can deliver consistent results. We recommend picking up your phone and calling us. We use safe, reliable solutions that are far better than DIY methods.

Our Methods Are Safe

We always rely on safe solutions because your safety is important to us. We’re not going to use dangerous chemicals in your home. Instead, we’ll try to fix the problem using natural solutions. If necessary, we’ll use conventional products. Rest assured knowing we’re going to use the products carefully. We’ll use the precise amount needed and no more. Plus, we only use products that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our Prices

Put your mind at ease knowing we offer standard pricing for our bedbug solutions. As a result, the price is going to depend on the size of your home. Our technician will analyze the situation before giving you a bid price. Then, you can accept or refuse our price. The bid price is the final price you’ll pay.

Preventing Future Issues

Besides getting rid of bedbugs, you need to keep them out. Stop them from returning. An effective way to do that is by preventing these pests from climbing into your luggage during a motel stay. Also, be cautious when buying used items. Used furniture and clothes may contain bedbugs. It is best to avoid purchasing these products unless you’re positive that they’re free of bedbugs.

When Can Your Technician Get Here?

We’re ready to begin helping you. Once you’ve called our local office, we’ll make sure our technician calls you back in 24 to 48 hours.

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