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The beetle might make a cute little nickname, but there is nothing cute about the beetle insect. This is especially true when referring to the wood-boring species. While there are a whole variety of beetle species, it is the wood-boring beetles that are the biggest threat to homeowners. The most interesting thing, perhaps, about this species is that it is the larvae that do the most damage. They are commonly referred to as woodworms. A lot of humans, upon first seeing these creepy crawlers, will perceive them as nothing more than a nuisance. And when you look at their unintimidating appearance it is easy to understand why this is the case.

However, these insects not only stand to do all kinds of damage to your wooden structures, but they play more than a vital role in the ecosystem. They are commonly found feeding on dead or dying trees, making them one of nature’s greatest recyclers. They, unfortunately, can also become a large house pest that damages furniture, structures, and decorations. Because of this, it will be imperative to learn everything you can about this classification of insect, so you’ll be more than prepared for their potential arrival.

 Why Are Beetles On My Property

If you have beetles on your property, there is a reason for it. It isn’t just like these creepy little crawlers show up out of the blue. There must be some factors or lures that are drawing them to the property. Understanding why this is can help you immensely in your quest for elimination. Some things you need to know are that the wood-boring species of the insect are capable of flight. Their flight time might be extremely limited, but it is still long enough for them to travel through open windows and doors, as many other flying insects would do.

Second-hand furniture is another of the many things that could have brought these insects to your home. A piece of furniture that has been near a previously infested area could easily be housing wood-boring beetles. Luckily, this can be avoided by just simply inspecting second-handed furniture before bringing it into the home. High humidity due to leaky pipes or improper ventilation could also be other things that draw the creepy flyer to the property.

The Adults

As was mentioned above, it’s not actually the adults of the species that do the boring. This, however, does not mean they aren’t a threat, as they are the ones that do all the reproducing. The adults range from 2.7 to 4.5 millimeters in length, with the larvae of the species measuring in at 1 millimeter long. They are C-shaped and creamy white in color. They usually only live anywhere from 2 to 4 years, and because of their shortened lifecycles, they don’t waste any time. They get in there and go right to work reproducing and destroying your wood.

Either way, adults or larvae, these are not creepy crawlers you want to be dealing with any time of the year, And, you won’t have to when you give our local office a call. Get us on the phone and we’ll get someone out to the property immediately.

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