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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentBesides offering eco-friendly treatments, we also provide conventional treatments. We know that many locals are worried about the health risks involved with conventional pest control services. However, it is important to realize that we’ve been doing this for many years. Whether we’re eliminating bedbugs or other pests, we can do it efficiently. Our technicians know how to use conventional treatments to deliver consistent results. We follow the advice provided by the recent study, so we have to visit the home several times during the month.

We visit the home three times but will return if necessary.

  • We’ll visit the home three times.
  • The technicians will check and treat the home during the first two visits.
  • During the last visit, our technician will check our home for bedbugs.
  • If necessary, the home will be treated during the last visit.
  • We generally wait a week or so between visits. We do this to ensure that all bedbug eggs have hatched.

We know you’re worried about the health risks involved with conventional treatments. Don’t be. Our technicians have been trained extensively to ensure the problem can be dealt with safely. We’ll use our conventional methods while focusing heavily on your safety. Call us to learn more about these services today.

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