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Heat Treatment

We’re thrilled to be able to provide our clients with high-quality thermal heat treatments. We like dealing with heat because it is safe and reliable. We’ve used this technique to eliminate thousands of bedbug infestations in your area. We’re confident that our technicians can do it again. The thermal heat treatment is a reliable way to eliminate bedbug infestations without exposing anyone to health hazards.

How It Works

Most people have heard of heat treatments, but they do not know how it works. Thankfully, the process is quick and simple. As you’ll learn, bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. When they’re exposed to extreme heat, they’ll have to escape the building swiftly. If this doesn’t happen, the bedbugs are going to die. There is a slim risk that the bugs will escape your home and return in the future. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen. We’ll trap the bugs in the home before using our heat machines to eliminate them.

Heat effectively kills bedbugs, eggs, and babies. Plus, it reaches every inch of the home including small cracks and gaps. When used correctly, the bedbugs in the dwelling won’t be able to escape.

A Reliable Solution

We believe heat is one of the best treatments for bedbug infestations. We’ve used it numerous times and we’re confident we can use it again effectively. The method works exceptionally well because bedbugs cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. The heat machine will increase the temperatures in the home and the heat will spread to all corners. When the bugs are exposed to these temperatures for a few minutes, they will dry out and die.

Suffice to say, heat is one of the best options we have.

Proper Temperatures

It is vital to make sure that the proper temperatures are maintained. There is a risk that an exterminator won’t pay close attention. If this happens, they may allow the temperatures to fluctuate. Then, the bugs will survive. We’ve trained our technicians thoroughly to ensure that the problem will be dealt with properly. They’ll keep a close eye on the temperature to ensure that you receive consistent results. We’ve eliminated bedbugs using heat hundreds of times, so we know what it takes.

We’ll Keep You Safe

Finally, we’re going to do everything we can to keep you safe. First, we’ll make sure that we are using our heat treatments. They’re safe for everyone. Plus, we’re going to ask you to leave the home for a few hours. We refuse to gamble with our client’s safety. By asking you to step out of the home, the risks to you are eliminated.

Again, you can likely return in a few hours. Our heat treatment process is quick so you can expect to hear from us in three or four hours.

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